Dispute Management Features

Payment Gateway Integrated

Integrated with many popular payment gateways. This allows us to update records and retrieve disputed transaction data.

CRM Integrated

We utilize specific functions from a CRM to help mitigate risk . Cancelling orders, blacklisting customers, adding notes are included features of our system.

API Merchant OnBoarding

Our Merchant API allows merchants to add new MIDs instantaneously for services. This eliminates set up forms, spreadsheets and welcome emails/calls.

Dispute Case Activity

Track the lifecycle of a disputed transaction from an RMI to a PreArbitration Response. Review dispute events with attached documentation.

Webhook Notifications

System webhooks can be used to be sent when new chargebacks or alerts are created. OnChange status changes on records can be sent for chargebacks or alerts.

Reporting Dashboard

Collaborative data reporting specifically designed for disputes. Many unique reports can help deliver insights quickly for decision making.

Advanced Industry Knowledge powered by Technology.

A.I Dispute Managment Software

New advanced software will search and auto-match transactions to disputes and for alerts.  

Advanced dashboard reporting allows quick insight into the health of a merchant account.

User group management allows users to be grouped within an organization.

Advanced Reduction Tools

Dispute reduction is a layered approach; every merchant even within it's own vertical will different amounts of layered protection. Chargeback Defense offers advanced reduction tools unique to the industry.

Contact us today to discuss if your reduction options that are specific to your verticle

transsecurityAsset 9


Code Snippets can be inserted onto existing e-commerce sites. Dispute reduction meta data is evaluated and returned with a risk probability level; action items can be set by level.

Fraud2checkAsset 8


Usually one of the first reduction strategies to implement; confirm qualified transactions. Mandates from Card Brands allow Issuing Banks to file disputes for transactions that do not pass the proper properties.

Asset 2


Specific customer events from disputed customers are logged which builds a Merchant Dispute Profile (MDP). The MDP is used as a listener event against matching events.

transmapAsset 5


Unqualified transactions, or Qualified transactions after a Decline are highly likely to be dispute. Our mapping strategy tracks transactions with high fraud dispute probability and filters real conversions.

Dispute Management Solutions

Chargeback Defense Dispute Intelligence Tools are designed for enterprise level merchant portfolios.   Our system was designed to scale with the increase of processing without needing any additional resources.  Risk management teams can monitor, retrieve and respond within minutes of an incoming dispute.

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Acquirer Solutions

Manage VROL Questionairre documentation, Dispute notification, Issuing Bank case activity and monitor merchant risk thresholds.

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ISO Solutions

Our White Label partners maintain company branding while offering our full service managment software as an operational tool.

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Merchant Solutions

Merchants may customize each aspect of a Dispute response; system automation allows merchants to focus on their core business.

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