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Chargebacks can shut down your merchant account. Get real solutions that produce results.

Fight Chargebacks

Customize disputes before transmitting it to the bank. Fight chargebacks with our real time service that lets customized a dispute packet based upon reason codes.

Prevent Chargebacks

Prevent consumer disputes before they become chargebacks. Prevent up to 40% of chargebacks with one of the widest alerts coverage available on the market.

Profit Recovery

Our tools will allow merchants to recover profits lost to chargebacks. Start now and quickly recover funds lost to chargebacks without tying up resources.

Fraud Detection

The most complete real time fraud analytics. Our technology will will validate a transaction before sending the order through your payment gateway.


Win-Loss Reporting

Our proprietary reporting software will track and analyze all of your disputes we receive and track your win percentages, reason code ratios, and revenue recovered.


MID Health Reporting

Compare Sales, Refunds, and Chargeback balances for your MIDs. Analyze MID chargeback history to project your MID’s health potential and risk factor.


CRM & Gateway Integration

Our system integrates with your existing CRM and Gateway and will automatically flag the contested orders within your CRM with real time accurate information.


Dispute Win Percentage

This month we are winning 74% overall reason codes


Chargebacks Prevented

We’ve been able to prevent over 10312 chargebacks


Active Merchants

This month we’ve kept over 414 MIDs in good standing



Over 58,811 transactions protected from Fraud

Prevent Chargebacks. Fight Chargebacks. Recover Profits.

Our system has real-time dashboard reports that shows everything you need about chargeback ratios & counts by card types. Our system can send you alerts that will notify you when your merchant accounts approaches a negative balance.

Suggestions to get you going

  • Identify potentially fraudulent transactions.
  • Consider additional security features like end-to-end encryption and tokenization.
  • Reduce chargebacks by checking your billing descriptor and avoid accidental friendly fraud chargebacks..
  • Address potential issues with recurring payments by discussing the terms of service.
  • Chargeback Monitoring

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there is a lot to consider, time resource and expertise commitment, there are constant recommendations given because chargebacks are a dynamic process, Card Network guidelines for chargebacks are getting stricter.


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