Card Member Services

Issuing Banks

Enrich your Retrieval Request Data with Cardholder data captured from the Merchant. Make Real-Time requests that will Resolve Chargeback Investigations within minuets. Mitigate Chargeback Abuse with a SAAS solution that balances compliance with Reg E and Card Schemes. Increase liquidity by reducing Provisional Credits.


Merchant Management Programs will ensure Merchant’s disputed transaction are being mitigated properly.  We provide a bolt on solution that’s offered as an internal program for your Merchants or a 3rd party solution.  Complete Ecosystem includes: Chargeback Erasers, Wrongful Chargebacks, CBD Alerts, Ethoca & Verifi Alerts, No Cost Representations, No Cost Chargeback

Acquiring Banks

We provide your Risk Team with the a SAAS that can help manage an entire High Risk MCC portfolio for compatible Merchants.  Avoid interchange on disputed transactions; while avoiding chargeback fees assigned.  New solutions allow us to eliminate chargebacks at the initial filing process which precludes them from being processed.  Convert High Risk Merchants to Low Risk Merchants with our Chargeback Ecosystem

PF’s / TPA’s/ PSP’s

Offer Merchants a complete Ecosystem using our Referral Partner channel.  New industry solutions allow us to respond to Merchants Chargebacks without the need for evidence packets and screenshots.  Your Merchant’s will be given full service dispute resolution and customer service.

Eliminate Chargebacks like never before

The chargeback eraser process reverses chargebacks from your merchant accounts.  Chargebacks are not permanent, you can remove them before they count against you by Visa or MasterCard.  Erased Chargebacks will reduce your chargeback ratio.