CRM Integration

Understanding your funnel means visibility from the point a chargeback enters to when the opportunity is closed won.

Chargeback Defense uses technology that easily integrates with your existing CRM to provide a seamless process using the most accurate possible information. Our system flags the contested orders automatically within your CRM and has the ability blacklist a customer’s information so they cannot be a chargeback threat in the future.



Gateway Integration

Connect your payment gateway seamlessly without the need of a technical guru

Our gateway integration connects together seamlessly. Instead of using your CRM to just be a system that retains customer information, integrating your CRM and gateway brings in valuable chargeback and payment information directly into your CRM. The system will also leave detailed notes within the CRM with links to view the chargeback documentation so your staff will have all the information they need to make decisions.

Before you decide to fight chargebacks

What is your policy “fight or flight”? Make sure you analyze your business, consider ROI and time spent you may spend more money than you’ll get back in the process. Be selective throwing everything against the wall it might not be effective.