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If you get hit with a chargeback at this point merchants only have 2 options: fight or accept. Chargebacks require end to end expertise every step of the path to effectively prevent revenue loss and/ or recover lost revenue. We understand why chargebacks happen, how to prevent them and how to respond to recover lost revenue. We develop a custom strategy that will drastically reduce the number of chargebacks for our clients.

Have any questions about chargebacks? Contact our internal risk department at 1-855-350-1106 or read our FAQs below.

Chargeback FAQ’S

Can all chargebacks be fought?

Yes when new chargebacks are received you will have the opportunity to review the chargeback information and verify that you have the evidence needed to make a proper chargeback representment.

How do I know what supporting documents I needs to send in to win a dispute?

You will need to supple all the supporting documentation that you have and is known as compelling evidence. When you fight the chargeback you will need need to review the reason code  to know what supporting documents that you will need to send when fighting the chargeback..

How do I fight a Chargeback?

Charge Back Alerts | Help Fighting Chargebacks


Why fight chargebacks?

There are huge ramifications for not fighting chargebacks. Extensive chargebacks beyond 1% can cost you your account. Staff costs, the costs of goods/ service, shipping costs, excessive refunding, acquirers penalties. Unless there is a strategy to address chargebacks, you can’t do anything about it. Merchants require a certain level of expertise to be effective. There are number of different chargebacks each with their own reason codes, rules and effective techniques for representing. Having a full comprehension of the complexity surrounding each type of chargeback requires significant dedication of time and resources.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

  • You can’t win chargeback disputes
  • Winning chargeback disputes will reduce your monthly chargeback ratio with your acquiring bank
  • It’s impossible to win a chargeback if you don’t have a signed receipt
  • You can’t fight PayPal disputes
  • Chargeback Reason Code 83 only includes true fraud and cannot be fought
  • I’ll just prevent all chargebacks
  • I’ll just recover all I can after I get hit

These are common misconceptions we hear day-to-day The best way to approach this is for merchants to employ an end-to-end chargeback management solution that gives them the best chance to effectively prevent and manage chargebacks to recover lost revenue. Separate the initial chargebacks from the ones that stand; focus on the “why”, why are they occurring, why am I not winning when I represent them?

Real-time fraud protection

We can offer merchants the ability to manage their own risk/fraud thresholds. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized merchants.


Start by improving the process

Fight fraud without negatively impacting conversions. Chargeback notifications are a form of data sharing where the bank communicates disputes as “alerts” on upcoming chargebacks before they are processed. How can you benefit from alerts.