Custom Strategies

We use our extensive experience to specifically tailor a strategy for you to develop the most efficient way to prevent chargebacks. We have worked with well-known and small businesses in a wide range of industries





Digital Good Retailers


Gift Cards


Health & Beauty


Luxury Retailers

Multi-Channel Retailers


Online Games


Online Retailers









Payment Processors

We defend against:

  • Fraudulent Card-Not-Present Transactions.
  • Canceled Recurring Transactions.
  • Merchandise/Service Not as Described.
  • Services or Merchandise Not Received.
  • Uunauthorized Charge Claims.
  • Re-Disputes and Pre-Arbitration

Prevent and Dispute Chargebacks

  • Fraud Detection

    End-to-end fraud solution technology designed to stop fraud. Our system includes: transaction scoring, IP proxy detection and geo-location, global order linking.

  • Chargeback Alerts

    Issuer notifies of cardholder confirmed fraud, we transmit an alert to the merchant. Merchant acts on the alert and we transmit alert outcome to the issuer.

  • Chargeback Disputes

    We analyze your chargebacks reason code and identify a specific rebuttals based on why customers are disputing.

Chargebacks are preventable

If your operating in a high risk industry that is based exclusively on excessive chargeback levels You need to reduce your chargebacks ratios instead and keep your merchant account alive so that you can ultimately sustain your business’s profitability.

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