Protect your Merchant Account

If you process credit card transactions it is inevitable that you will eventually receive a chargeback.

View the chargeback ratios across all of your MID’s we are managing so you can ensure you are staying below the Visa and MasterCard chargeback thresholds and keep your MID’s healthy. Our tools will also display chargeback projecting data to help you make decisions real-time and locate problems in your business processes which are causing chargebacks.



Cost of Losing an Account

Providing evidence to dispute a chargeback has a costs, but there are other costs involved.

Chargeback fees can exceed $50.00 per dispute, loss of product costs, loss of shipping costs. These are some of the financial losses to be felt by a merchant for a dispute that is not won. One of the biggest cost to chargebacks is the potential to lose your merchant account or to accept a certain type of credit card. Both of these potential issues impact your business a lot more than just fees. Losing one card type can sink a business.

Prevent and stop unnecessary revenue loss.

Separate the initial chargebacks from the ones that stand. Focus on the “why”. Why are they occurring, Why am I not winning when I represent them. Fight fraud without negatively impacting conversions.