Stop Unnecessary
Revenue Loss

Preventing chargebacks is essential to stopping unnecessary revenue loss and merchant account problems. Merchants have to employ total chargeback management; you cannot look at this from one particular angle. You’ll need to take a holistic view at the problem that will require a two pronged approach: prevent chargebacks before they happen and fight chargebacks to recover profits.

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Chargeback Notifications

Fight fraud without negatively impacting conversions. Notifications are a form of data sharing where the bank communicates disputes as “alerts” on upcoming chargebacks before they are actually processed, giving the merchant an opportunity to resolve the dispute. Address chargeback proactively can benefit many industries. Chargeback Defense uses Ethoca and Verifi to intercept consumer disputes before they turn into chargebacks. Using Ethoca and Verifi’s alert network allows us access to the most broadest alerts in the industry that cover a combination of our own proprietary system and third-party providers.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • Are you current on rule changes?
  • How will you reconcile the chargeback to its original transaction.
  • Do you have the resources for all necessary data capture and document generation to effectively represent?
  • Can you identify the root causes of each chargeback reason code and update business processes to prevent chargebacks?
  • Does diverting time and resources toward chargeback management and away from core business focus make sense in therms of ROI?

You don’t have to turn to a 3rd Party,but there is a lot to consider, time resource and expertise commitment, there will be constant education because it is a constantly evolving process, its getting more complex not easier. Main reason merchants use us is efficiency on all levels, time, win-rate education and expertise. Efficiency will improve the bottom line and maximize revenue that you can recover profits.

Real-time fraud protection

We can offer merchants the ability to manage their own risk/fraud thresholds. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized merchants.

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Fighting a chargeback is time consuming.

Merchants require a certain level of expertise to be effective. There are number of different chargebacks each with their own reason codes, rules and effective techniques for representing. Most merchants don’t have the resources to be effective. Can you improve your process?