Preventing Chargeback Fraud with Chargeback Alerts

Chargeback Alerts and Preventing Chargebacks from Credit Card Fraud

We’re all aware of Chargeback Alerts and know it for being one of the most effective way of preventing Chargebacks.   Chargeback alerts can cost anywhere from $35.00 to $40.00 dollars per alert and may help lower your chargeback ratios by up to 40%.  When you receive a chargeback from your merchant processor you receive a chargeback fee ranging from $25.00 to $60.00 per chargeback, all charges and are reversed and your hit with another chargeback threshold increase.  If you’re talking dollars and sense then the alert fee replaces the chargeback fee from your merchant and you are not charged for a chargeback from your merchant, whats worse paying a small cost or blowing up a MID?.  Using Chargeback Alerts you’re protecting your merchant account and lowering your chargeback ratios.

Our Chargeback Defense Alert manegement program combines Ethoca alerts, Verifi alerts and Ican4consumers.  Having the chargeback information into one location where merchants can manage their chargebacks and alerts is simple and gives you the chargeback analytics to help you scale your model.

Ethoca alerts – Ethoca alerts are used to lower your chargeback ratio of 40% with international coverage.  To start Ethoca alerts the process a simple and to be set up in less than 4 hours.

CDRN alerts – and more commonly known as Verifi alerts is in very similar to Ethoca alerts and may assist with helping cut down the chargeback count by up to 40% in the U.S.  Verifi may substantially lower your chargeback ratios.  To get started using Verifi alerts the process is simple and the account can be setup in a matter of hours.

Chargeback defense chargeback ecosystem- weaver by Ethoca and Verifi alerts to consumers and one location managing all alerts at no extra cost.  Chargeback defense offers A no questions asked guarantee if you receive a chargeback alert and each alert comes into a chargeback you will be refunded for the chargeback alert and the chargeback will be fought for free.

Chargeback Defense currently offers special four and three chargeback alert you receive you will be credited for one chargeback representment allowing you to have all your Chargebacks lot to recover lost revenue at no cost to the merchant.

Merchant Chargeback Management – Chargeback Prevention

What can chargeback defense alerting do:

  • Chargeback alerts may reduce Chargebacks by up to 40% +when using all chargeback alerting systems.
  • Prevent Chargebacks
  • Chargeback alerts help eliminate penalties fines fees lost revenue and prevent your merchant account from being at risk from high chargeback ratios.
  • Chargeback alerts prevent lost revenue in stopping merchants from shipping products and fulfilling goods and services by receiving a alert notification within minutes of the chargeback been filed. And
  • Chargeback defense guarantees you will not pay for a chargeback alert that turns into a chargeback if you’ve successfully made the refund and resolve the chargeback using the proper policy and procedures.
  • Chargeback alerts are managed in a self-service portal and requires no programming.
  • Chargeback defense offers a custom API integration to be able to post the chargeback information into your CRM or customer service team with real-time data.
  • How to win a chargeback – Call the Chargeback team at 8553501106

Chargeback Representment – Friendly Fraud Chargeback

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