Terminated Merchant File ,
What to Do When Your TMF

The the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) is often referred to as the MATCH system . MATCH was developed to help acquirers identify a potentially high-risk merchant before entering into a merchant agreement MATCH is a system created and managed by MasterCard. It is essentially a database that houses information about businesses (and their owners) whose credit card processing privileges have been terminated.

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How to deal with MATCH

You’re not the only merchant who’s been caught off guard. The truth is that most merchants don’t know that they are TMF’d or MATCH’d until they submit an application for a new account elsewhere and find that they are declined. At which point, the reason for the decline is revealed to them. If you’ve ended up terminated and on the list. Now what? Well, the only way to get off MATCH is through the same bank that put you on it in the first place. Once you discover you are listed, the first step is to call your former provider.
Depending on why you’re on the file, getting off can be easy or impossible. It is nearly impossible to get off the file for being identified of fraudulent activity. Often a termination resulting from too many chargebacks can be corrected with time. Banks will wait until all chargebacks have been rectified and there are no further chargebacks from the merchant’s former customers, before removing a merchant off the list.

TMF & MATCH list reason codes

  • Account Data Compromise
  • Common Point of Purchase (CPP)
  • Laundering
  • Excessive Chargebacks
  • Excessive Fraud
  • Violatin of Standards

We can recover profits from TMF & MATCH accounts IF your accounts have been closed recently or about to close because of excessive chargebcks there is a small window of opportunity to recover profits. Call us now to see if we can recover lost revenue due to extensive chargebacks.

Real-time fraud protection

We can offer merchants the ability to manage their own risk/fraud thresholds. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized merchants.

What is a Return Item Chargeback – The process of the consumer starting the chargeback process and the bank removes funds from the merchant and charges the merchant a fee


Fighting a chargeback is time consuming.

Merchants require a certain level of expertise to be effective. There are number of different chargebacks each with their own reason codes, rules and effective techniques for representing. Most merchants don’t have the resources to be effective. Can you improve your process?