Real-Time Analytics

Get full access to each chargeback representment. Track and follow every case from start to finish using note history.

When you use Chargeback Defense you will receive your own login to our Win-Loss reporting which will provide you with real time dispositions as they happen. Our detailed reports will show every aspect of our dispute process. Your access will be able to track every document and track your win percentages, reason code, ratios, and revenue recovered.



From Manual to Automated

Stop diverting your time and resources from your core business functions and focus them where they are better spent.

Within your client login and your business email you can stay up-to-date of the latest changes in your account statuses and receive notification if your merchants accounts cross any of the Card Association thresholds. Using our chargeback reporting tools, you can turn the labor of a manual process of dealing with chargeback disputes into an automated, easy to use process by receiving notification flags on each file or downloading a report file of your chargeback information.

Fighting a chargeback is time consuming.

Merchants require a certain level of expertise to be effective. There are number of different chargebacks each with their own reason codes, rules and effective techniques for representing. Most merchants don’t have the resources to be effective. Can you improve your process?